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Self confidence is something most people would like to feel more of and more often.

It’s the ingredient that can help you move forward, try something new, make a change towards life improvement.

Self confidence helps you use your voice on your own behalf, to say yes and no as required, to make a boundary and have fewer regrets.

When you believe in your abilities, anything seems possible. You can reach past your hesitations and fears and simply go for it. For the first or the fiftieth time.

Fueled with an inner fire, you gather courage and fortitude to face a challenge that lies ahead, whatever the size and flavour.

You know you can at least attempt your best efforts.

Strange thing is, memory is short. Yes you may have achieved this or a similar victory before, but this time feels different. Harder. Tougher. Less likely to succeed.

For whatever reason, you falter in your enthusiasm.

Your hesitate, draw back.

You succumb to self doubt, that insidious sucker of life, opportunity and joy.

Sometimes you can remain stuck in your hesitation for a day. Sometimes years.

Sometimes you just want to quit and walk away. What’s the use? You’ll never win.

Self doubt looms with a cold chilly shadow over your belief in yourself.

What can you do?

Well, take a breath. It’s a start. A long deep breath. Repeat three times. It’s hard to stay discouraged when you’ve got oxygen running through your body.

And when you focus on your breathing, you return to the moment. You can’t worry and be in the moment.

Next, remember the last time you managed to navigate through a challenge- at work, in your relationship, with a friend, or family member.

REMEMBER that you didn’t get here only through failure. You have a history of successes, small and large, poignant and mundane. Step by step you arrived here now.

History demonstrates that yes, you actually can and have achieved success in a variety of areas in your life. Emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual. In matters of the heart, travel, work and play.

The trick is to remember, and then fortify yourself with the facts of your life. Yes you did it. Yes you can. Yes you will again.

That’s what this workshop is about. Reminding you of your self confidence. Reminding you of your past success. Prompting the flood of memories of achievement to fuel your journey through this next patch of bumpy road.

Self confidence is something you grow organically, one experience at a time. Integrate your achievements is key to ongoing self confidence. Make your past success part of your readily available repertoire for future reference and guidance. For sustenance when you’re feeling wobbly and unsure.

On this workshop you:
• Review recent successes in the area you need some support in.
• Take note of the situation and how you felt about it.
• Observe how you overcame your challenge.
• Note how you felt afterwards.
• Reclaim the glowing results of your win.

In your Self Confidence Treasure Book you:
• Record your memories
• Ignite your self confidence
• Support your forward motion with proven success
• Encourage yourself past self doubt with evidence of achievement
• Integrate Yes I can! Attitude

Create a book of golden life nuggets that:

• Build you up when you need a boost
• A treasure of facts that you can sustain yourself with
• Arguments for your abilities
• A personal cheerleading squad
• Facts that you can review over and again as you need in future
• Memories you can add to on your own or in future programs.

You’ve got nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

This workshop is a guaranteed win for your self confidence journey, one restored memory at a time.


~Individuals who are feeling low, lost, discouraged about a future that feels so out of control. Take time and make space to correct your negative expectation with the FACTS of your life. Reclaim the times you were able to take care of yourself and move forward.

~Couples to be better partners by being more self sufficient with a stronger sense of self, needing less and maturing confidence from which to love unconditionally.

~Parents wanting to fortify their confidence in decision making and guidance for their beloved kids.

~Families coming together to create a history of all that’s great about each member, an co creative illustration of how cooperation is alive and well, despite the daily chaos.

~ Employment seekers who most need to regain self-worth and determination to face this global economy more whole, centered and optimistic.

~Spiritual seekers wondering if there's more to life than what is seen and heard. Connecting to the BIGGER part of who you are.

~ Custom tailored programs for your specific group, corporation and classroom. Please email to discuss how to best serve the community you want to nurture in this most profound and tangible way.


Happiness Specialist & Gestalt therapist, Laila Ghattas, uses 26 years experience in the Holistic Healing Arts to help you see yourself and your life with fresh new eyes.

Laila's Expressive Art personal growth programs have been hailed internationally. She facilitates the creation of a book of proof to return to for a guaranteed confidence boost again and again.

The pilot programs run all January 2016 at very special introductory rates.





PLEASE email to book your date for a private workshop.


Two hour workshops include art materials.
Please bring an album of high quality worthy of your success memories, photocopies of childhood photos and anything of note.

INDIVIDUAL intro rate $99pp with minimum of 3 attendees


COUPLE intro rate $299

FAMILY (3 or more) intro rate $99-129pp

GROUP OF FRIENDS (5 or more) intro rate $89 each




EAST END WORKSHOP STUDIO near Main St Subway, Main & Danforth. Please email for directions or phone 416-696-0086



Laila Ghattas is an artist, Gestalt therapist and Reiki practitioner.

She is a writer, public speaker, group facilitator and the founder of Aziza Healing Adventures and creator of Laila Goddess Comfortwear..

She has 26 years experience in the Healing Arts and has assisted over 2500 individuals on their personal growth journey.

Laila expertly and uniquely combines creative self-expression with Gestalt Therapy in programs designed to:deepen self awareness, inspire self-confidence and improve the life of those who participate.

Laila facilitates international healing retreats and workshops for women, couples, groups, conferences and corporations.

Each winter over the last decade Laila has immersed herself in the spiritual tapestry of Balinese Hinduism. The wisdom and insight gleaned from ancient traditions is infused into all her work.

Laila has a private practice in Toronto where she offers personal growth and Usui Reiki sessions, and private self discovery workshops.

Laila Ghattas has earned a B.F.A., B. Ed, Gestalt Therapy undergrad and postgrad Certificates, Expressive Art Certificate, Usui Reiki degrees one and two.

 About Aziza's Holistic Retreats and Art & Therapy Workshops Holistic, Wellness and Yoga Retreats for Women, Individuals and Couples Aziza's Art and Therapy Workshops and Classes Art and Therapy Home Classes Shop for Art, Holistic Gifts and Stylish Home Decor ItemsRegister for Aziza's Holistic Retreats, Women's Workshops, Kayak Tours, Yoga Retreats and Art & Therapy Classes