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What people are saying about the various Retreat accommodations & meals:

"I felt welcomed immediately. It was a feeling of coming home."

"Cozy, comfortable and charming."

"It was my first experience camping and it was fabulous. The meals were excellent. I had no idea you could eat the food we ate on a camping trip."

"The meals were very wholesome, excellent variety of food and good portions too!"

"Excellent meals. I don't have to eat for weeks now."

"I'm glad I chose the private option. It's a treat to retreat with some real solitude."

"Would go back in a heartbeat."

"A fantastic way to have a holiday!"

What people are saying about the creative/therapeutic process

"My expectations where more than met. I enjoyed the kayaking immensely, but sessions of reflection allowed me to process what that enjoyment meant- and will ensure that the week will have an impact on my life."

"As someone with little knowledge, and even less experience and interest in personal growth retreats, I have to say that this week has been a wonderful experience."

"Laila never fails to ask the questions that lead to fresh insights, if I have the courage and self honesty to answer her thoughtfully. The progress I made in this workshop surprised me."

" The couple processing was very helpful for us to identify issues that were beneath the surface as well as the core issues that brought us to the retreat. As an individual I was able to focus on my own issues and work towards understanding myself."

" Laila makes the learning environment challenging and respectful at the same time."

"I wish everyone would take this workshop- it's an invaluable tool to understanding where you are and where you want to be. For most of my 34 years I have wondered what my purpose was- what I wanted to do with my life. In two days, with the support, openness and non-judgment of Laila and the others, my purpose is crystal clear."

"I wish more men were open to this kind of experience."

"My expectations were met way beyond what I could have imagined. I gained so many insights and feel so relaxed and happy now. I wasn't sure what to expect from myself with the art activities. I was very pleased with them and how they all tied into the theme. Laila has a gift, is a conduit for some great and powerful things. I was very comfortable opening up with her and felt no pressure at any time."

"Using clay for the first exercise helped me...because I could knead out any frustration/anxiety and connect with how I was feeling. I found that using my hands helped to distract from my cautionary voices... that using the clay paradoxically helped me to find my voice."

"Amazing. An extraordinary combination of creation and healing offered in a safe and welcoming environment."

"I discovered the honesty and truth behind my actions and attitudes. This will provide me with the scaffolding needed to climb toward life and joy."

What people are saying about the Retreat locations:

" This was the most amazing place!...This has been a transformative life altering experience for me. This adventure will always be part of my and the fabric of my newly enlightened path."
Women's Wellness Retreat at Thirteen Moons, Ontario

" This place was ideal for this retreat. It was magical and offered total serenity and peace and intimacy. The beach was magnificent and the people here were most endearing. It was a hard place to leave."
Rediscover Yourself in Mexico, Tulum, Mexico

"Georgian Bay is a healing place. A place to connect with nature, with spirit and with self. This retreat helped me become more aware of my self, enabled me to confront old issues and nourished my soul. And it's a hell of a lot of fun." ( first time camper and kayaker)
Georgian Bay Creative Kayak Retreat

"The surroundings helped me be more open, childlike and free. At the time I found the kayaking a bit scary in the large waves. But reflecting on my experience was a phenomenal thing for me." ( first time kayaker)
Prospect, Nova Scotia Personal Growth Kayak Retreat

" Wonderful combination of physical activity and personal and emotional processing supported by caring, interesting people - the outdoors and the internal works well. The experience which stands out the most is the water- lake and sea, the rain over 2 days, the people and the connections resulting from the sharing." (First time kayaker)
Myall Lakes Personal Growth Kayak Retreat, NSW, Australia

" My expectations to reconnect with my self, to have a safe place to open up my heart and to listen to it were met... What stands out most is the 2 day kayak trip. I also felt good about my creations with the clay....the exercises were fun and therapeutic at the same time. "
Lake Superior Personal Growth Kayak Retreat, Ontario

" Bali was a beautiful experience. The retreat opened me up in mind, body and spirit. I feel my life has changed and improved- it's hard to even explain."
Rediscover Your Self in Bali Retreat, Bali, Indonesia


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