Eckhardt Tolle Saves A Garage Sale

For the past few months I’ve been combing through my household- the closets, cupboards and basement storage places- to gather and empty that which no longer feels appropriate to hang onto; things held onto just in case I may need it some day! A lot of stuff accumulated for a garage sale last weekend. More than any pocket money I was hoping to generate, I wanted the stuff out of my house and decided not to keep anything left over to save for another sale in future, which had been the practice used in previous years.

I was very ambitious about this intention- wanting nothing left to deal with at the end of the day- desiring to be rewarded for all the hard work and hours already invested in the project. For those of you who have held yard sales, you know usually the serious buyers come first thing. This time round however it was a thin crowd. Our street sale had lots of competition due to this being the first really viable weekend of warm weather. I became very tense and unhappy as my clutter remained mostly intact on the driveway with few passersby stopping, and fewer still leaving with something.

I started to fret about what I was going to do with ALL THIS STUFF at the end of the day, and was irritated our collective advertising efforts didn’t produce a crowd. I'd left the moment of what was simply a beginning, and negatively extrapolated my imagination to the end of the day. That's what impatience looks like.

I realized I was tenaciously attached to an outcome that was completely out of my control. Ironically, although it's usually what I advise, I needed my visiting friend to remind me to breathe, relax, to wait and see what happened.

Focusing on outcomes interferes with enjoyment of the moment. I chose to accept this friendly reminder. With the reinforcement from recent passages read in Tolle’s book, I chose to let go and surrender to whatever the day brought rather then resist it. I decided to trust I’d have the means to deal with whatever was left in the end, to just relax. RELAX. A much better option than getting more uptight as the day passed.

A funny thing happened about an hour later. More people showed up and more importantly they left with things they’d found amongst my wares.

I began to enjoy the social nature of a garage sale that brings a community together, and telling the stories that came with some of the items- like the tent that had come with me to Vancouver Island, the Virgin Islands and many a wilderness campsite in Ontario. Before I knew it, the sunny weather had produced many treasure hunters and my offerings dwindled to a completely manageable size.

In the end there was very little left, much of which was quickly and eagerly taken away when placed on the curb free for the taking. Other items were carted off to charity. If you’d told me in the morning in my grumpy state that this was how it would end up and with a tidy sum to boot for my efforts, I would have greeted you with doubt. But the thing is, you never know how something is going to turn out.

Might as well enjoy the unfolding ride.

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