FOREWORD to Thirteen Moons Cookbook

Since 2002 I've chosen to facilitate personal growth retreats at Thirteen Moons because of the meals created and served there. The quality of the food offerings provided by Louise Racine becomes an integral part of the healing experience my clients sign up for. From that time forward, without exception, participants have begged for a cookbook holding the glorious recipes we have enjoyed.

There are several components to Thirteen Moons' meals that contribute to the therapeutic process. The intent with which this place was created is to nurture women and to educate us about the endless yummy possibilities of vegetarian cuisine. Meatless Loaf (page 184), for example, orchestrates whole grains and legumes with toasted almonds into a deeply satisfying entrée, enhanced by a tasty Miso Gravy (page 46). The intention to truly nourish the body mingles with each spice and herb as it delicately complements the flavour of a dish. A completely mindful experience of taking in nourishment is inspired into the ritual of self care.

Louise's background as a certified nutritional practitioner is integrated into all the meals. Courses reflect the creative expression of her passion and her innate wisdom and understanding of how to combine and balance food. Asian Noodles (page 110) - rice noodles infused with a delicate sesame dressing - relax on a plate alongside a gingery Kale and Seaweed Salad (page 127) for a most harmonious blend of flavours.

The commitment made to serve organic ingredients as well as introduce delicious options to wheat, white sugar and high fat is evident in an all-time favourite - Cooked Breakfast Grains (page 165). Quinoa, oats, teff or millet is the base on which to sprinkle toasted nuts, dried fruit, crunchy seeds and local maple syrup.

The final healing ingredient is the love found in each bite. All of Louise's guests agree they can taste it. That love is here in these pages - a thoughtful labour; a gift honouring the earth's natural bounty; a celebration in recognition of and gratitude for an attainable healthy and scrumptious life.

Laila Ghattas
Founder, Aziza Healing Adventures

Laila Ghattas facilitates personal growth retreats regularly at Thirteen Moons. Laila is an artist, Gestalt therapist and Reiki practitioner. She is an author, public speaker and the founder of Aziza Healing Adventures. Laila combines creative self-expression with psychotherapy in programs designed to heighten awareness, inspire personal insight and improve the life of those who participate. She holds therapeutic workshops in Toronto, and healing retreats worldwide for women, couples, mixed groups and corporations.

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