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February 9 - 13, 2015

Bali, Indonesia



Understanding who you are.

Accepting your self as you are.

Learning the true meaning of Self Care.

Discovering the patterns you are ready to release.

Making conscious choices that reflect your heart and soul.

Blissing out in beautiful Bali!



Perhaps you are a little weary, in need of extreme beauty, sensual delights, gentle pampering.

You desire time to simply BE in your life

You want space to freely explore your inner life, hopes and dreams, disappointments, your truest path.

Journey to your self in the healing embrace of Bali.

Travel deeply into your life patterns.

Discover what you are ready to reevaluate, release & rejoice in

Five days gently unfold into the gift of possibilities.

Creativity, reflection, expansion, relaxation and movement conspire to support you on your journey.

If you are truly ready for deep personal transformation, read on!


Who are you outside the roles of spouse, parent, sibling, professional, caretaker, breadwinner, dependant, hero?

Allow yourself to receive beauty, healing, natural wonders.

Be present for the wealth of feelings inside you.

Witness and revel in your true essence

Learn the art of BEING. HERE. NOW.


Why not? The Balinese are some of the friendliest people on the planet. Their commitment to service is memorable. Beautiful inside and out!

Bali offers a richly textured culture that is tightly woven into everyday life whether practiced by the Hindu majority, Buddhist or Muslim.

Most importantly Bali mysteriously pulses with an undeniable healing energy that is sought after by millions of world travelers and spiritual seekers.


North east on the Bali Sea where sunrise greets you each morning arrive at a quiet, secluded, award winning luxury Spa Boutique Resort

Stunning bamboo lined driveway leads to an opulent marble reception area overlooking sprawling lawns, gardens, pool and sea.

Draped cabanas hug the spacious seaside pool surrounded by luxurious lounge chairs. Open air seaside dining room boasts chef inspired cuisine.

Elegance is all around. Every detail has been thoughtfully and tastefully appointed to ensure a stay like no other.


Stunning rooms: private terrace, floral bath waiting upon arrival, air conditioned or fan cooled to suit.

A stream of healthy juices, optional yoga, daily spa treatments, cooking and cultural interest classes punctuate your healing time.

Float under the stars, wake to golden sun kissed water, feel the breezes that caress the palms, inhale the scent of cooling rain drops.


Ten retreats held in Bali and decades facilitating self-discovery programs reflect specialized expertise focusing on the healing properties of nature, movement, creativity & psychotherapy.

Experience the commitment to serving you with sensitive, compassionate support with the objective to inspire awareness, insight and self-acceptance.

Proven creative exercises masterfully combine Expressive Art explorations, Gestalt Therapy and Reiki principles.

Rich ground for self-discovery & personal transformation is consistently created. MORE


Understand that you can positively shift your life perspective with thoughtful exploration of self-limiting attitudes and beliefs.

Empower yourself.

Gain priceless Self Knowledge.

Play and express yourself with colour and texture.

Experience the depth and relevance of what you learn about yourself on our programs.


Recognize the patterns you unconsciously repeat that interfere with and separate you from living your joy.

A whole new world opens when you realize you've got brand new, healthy, life affirming options to consider.

" Thank you very much Laila for the amazing experience and for taking such good care of us. You have created a miracle in Bali."

" Laila's thoughtful planning and attention to detail brought a dimension to my Balinese experience that I wouldn't have been able to find myself in such a brief visit. Doing the deep therapeutic work against the Bali backdrop was magical."

" I traveled nearly half way round the world and there I found a part of me who had been hiding for a quarter of a century. My deepest thanks to Laila and the group."


Laila Ghattas is an artist, Gestalt therapist and Reiki practitioner.

She is a writer, public speaker, group facilitator and the founder of Aziza Healing Adventures and Laila Goddess Feel Good Silks

She has 25 years experience in the Healing Arts.

Laila Ghattas holds a B.F.A., B. Ed, Gestalt Therapy undergrad and postgrad Certificates, Expressive Art Certificate, Usui Reiki degrees one and two.

Since 2004 Laila has been offering Holistic Healing in Bali.

Each winter Laila immerses herself in the spiritual tapestry of Balinese Hinduism. The wisdom and insight gleaned from ancient traditions is infused into all her work. Read more


Feel free to arrive prior to retreat start date and settle into Bali time... The resort can arrange your airport pick up if desired.

Resort packages include room, all meals, juices, daily spa, yoga when available, cooking and other classes, use of fitness room.

Free time before and after scheduled workshop hours can be spent on inclusive resort activities.

You can also swim, snorkel, journal, nap, read, socialize and arrange outings and tours of interest.


Daily self-discovery workshops run for approximately three hours.

Creative materials like crayons, markers and paint require no artistic skill to achieve optimal insight.

Journal writing is highly encouraged.


Day 1: Introduction, retreat overview, opening workshop focusing on Life Blueprint that unconsciously influences and impacts life choices.

Day 2: Continuation of Life Blueprint activities and explorations

Day 3: Exploration of unconscious Emotional Patterns

Day 4: Exploration of unconscious Relationship Patterns

Day 5: Overview of all exercises with final insights gleaned and the beginning of integration with new tools for satisfying forward motion. Retreat conclusion

Optional, independent personal growth exercises assist integration throughout the retreat days.

" This has been a transformational life altering experience for me."

"Laila's artistic vision and intuition of her clients' needs resounds in all of the art activities. You think you know yourself until you get your hands on a piece of clay and your world is opened to you."

" The retreat was the perfect place and way for me to experience a rite of passage for my 50th birthday".

" Laila's gentle touch and leadership gave me specific tools I can use at home. Her insight and guidance is invaluable and more than I ever hoped for."


Fee includes:

  • 15 minutes pre registration interview
  • 5 Life Pattern Creative Workshops
  • all materials
  • independent Personal Growth Workbook

$1,997US until Sept. 1

Private sessions with Laila Ghattas are highly recommended during the retreat and start at $197US. Reserve yours early!


To offer you the most flexibility, the Feel Good Retreat Self-Discovery Workshop fee is separate from your resort fee.

Your daily resort fee includes room, meals, juices, daily spa treatments, yoga when available, cultural classes, gym, pool and other amenities.

Inclusive Resort daily rate starts at $250US per room plus taxes and service.

Your resort fee is to be paid directly to the resort. Transfers to and from the resort, and all classes and spa treatments can be arranged directly with the resort.


You may want to bring along someone special who may not want to participate in the retreat workshops.

Your companion can arrange separate activities with the resort while you participate in the daily Feel Good Retreat workshops.

There is plenty of time to enjoy together outside of the workshop schedule.


Please visit the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page for lots of helpful information about Bali.

To register please set up your 15 complimentary pre-registration phone interview with retreat facilitator, Laila Ghattas, by email


Women and men are welcome!

email or call 416-696-0086 for information