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Many couples search to support, strengthen and improve their relationship.

Partners desire better communication, emotional intimacy and understanding.

Couples seek to enhance and deepen their connection.

Aziza's Relationship Patterns Sessions uncover:

  • Why you repeat certain relationship patterns
  • How your family influenced your ideas about intimacy and relating
  • What you really believe to be true about relationships
  • When positive forward motion becomes interrupted
At the end of our series of sessions you have the tools to:
  • Leave behind patterns by shedding past baggage
  • Express yourself truthfully with empathy and compassion
  • Build loving and trusting relationships
  • Achieve emotional intimacy without losing your sense of self

Aziza Healing Adventures uniquely utilizes creative materials to explore relationship patterns.

Partners SEE:

  • what their loved one honestly believes,
  • SEE behind the words spoken,
  • SEE clearly into the source of misunderstandings
  • SEE the roots of disappointments.

This visual component results in a NEW way of understanding your lover's story.

It's simply amazing.

Participants without creative experience are constantly amazed at how much they enjoy expressing themselves with colour and texture,.

Most are pleasantly surprised by the depth and relevance of what they learn from their creations.

Creative self-expression:

  • opens the heart,
  • illuminates the truth
  • inspires a clarity both poignant and practical.

Understanding your partner delivers the gift of compassion on which to build anew.

In addition to the creative explorations, workshop participants learn the ART OF LISTENING.

Listening is a profound act of love.

Come experience the perennial gift of being heard.

Our communication exercises are a proven method to create the space necessary for self-knowledge to emerge and to nurture understanding between people as each speak his/her truth without interruption, guidance or judgment.

Each person will receive a workbook with independent exercises to consider during free time. These voluntary optional exercises are designed to promote individual reflection, awareness and insight.

Development of self-knowledge is the most powerful life-enhancing achievement you can nurture.

The more deeply you can know and accept yourself, the more you can fully embrace your partner.

One frequent remark is that the short time spent on an Aziza retreat was just as, if not more useful, than months and years of other couple support options they've tried.

Take this opportunity to fully focus on your relationship without distraction. Relax away from the bustle of your daily life, and in the midst of others seeking to better their connections.

Laila Ghattas, founder of Aziza Healing Adventures, is an artist, Gestalt therapist and the retreat facilitator. Her passionate belief in and extensive experience with the healing combination of creative self-expression and psychotherapy lead to the creation of these life altering workshop sessions for couples. Laila has been facilitating annual Holistic Healing Retreats in Bali since 2004.


" I highly recommend this workshop. The workshop was presented in a non-threatening way. Laila's direct approach provided me the opportunity to "get real' with myself and my spouse quickly. The exercises provided, along with Laila's suggestions, proved to be most beneficial. Excellent workshop!" D. Imfeld, Timmins ON. Click here for more past participant comments.


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Laila Ghattas is an artist, Gestalt therapist and Reiki practitioner.

She is an author, public speaker, group facilitator and the founder of Aziza Healing Adventures.

Laila expertly and uniquely combines creative self-expression with psychotherapy in programs designed to:

  • heighten self awareness,
  • inspire personal insight
  • and improve the life of those who participate.

Laila draws on her worldwide outdoor adventure experience to facilitate international healing retreats for women, couples, mixed groups and corporations.

She is available on retreats for individual therapy and Reiki sessions

Laila has a private practice in Toronto where she offers hourly personal growth sessions and private personal growth workshops for individuals and couples.

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