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Where is Bali?

Bali is the most famous island in the Indonesian archipelago. It is north of Australia, south of Thailand. It sits with the Indian Ocean on one side, the Bali Sea on the other.

Where do I fly into?

Denpasar, Indonesia (DPS )is the airport city you fly into.

What is the currency in Bali?

Indonesian rupiah, currently $1US = 12,000 Rp

What currency should I bring?

There are money changers that accept all major international currencies, so no real need to convert to USD.

What is the dominant religion in Bali?

Although Indonesia has one of the highest Muslim populations, Bali is primarily a Hindu practicing island.

There are Muslims and Buddhists followers also, and they live harmoniously together. You'll hear melodic chanting from both Hindu and Muslim temples on your stay.

One of the most charming aspect of the Balinese Hindu culture is the daily offering rituals you'll see where ever you go. Incense, rice, flowers arranged on a hand made palm plate are offered to greet and honour Gods of light and dark.

You'll see them around the hotels, the storefronts, on car dashboards, in family compounds..... it's a wonderful devotional detail of a gentle people fully integrated with their spiritual lives.

Do I need a visa to get into Bali?

You can get a visa upon arrival at the airport which is good for 30 days. Many countries including Canada and USA don't pay.

If you plan to stay longer, check out your local Indonesian consulate for details.

Do I need to get any vaccinations for this retreat?

To the best of our knowledge, entry to Bali does not require any immunization. However it's good to check with your doctor and local government for any current advisory warnings and vaccine recommendations especially if you are staying a while.


What if I want to stay longer or come early?

Fantastic! Always a good idea to enjoy the full reward of your investment of time and money on the flight.

Just arrange with the resort that is hosting the retreat for your dates. The resort will arrange a pick up from anywhere on the island. Because it's an all inclusive location, it's easy to budget.

Staying in different areas of Bali can be extremely affordable. You can find a nice hotel, with breakfast and a pool, and eat lunch and dinner for $80/day or less. You can also have an authentic homestay experience and live on $40/day or less. There are also 5 star luxury hotels upward of $1000+/day, so it's up to you.

Ideas and suggestions on where to go, stay and what to do are readily available from your travel agent. One suggestion is to arrive, feel the island, and after the retreat, make the decisions about what suits you best in the moment.

Is traveling alone as a woman OK?

Retreat facilitator, Laila Ghattas, has been traveling alone to Bali since 2004, very comfortably staying 6-8 weeks each time and mostly on her own when not on retreat.

It's so easy to meet other travelers, especially in Ubud, you won't be on your own for long.

Retreat locations are rural and far away from the trappings of tourism. In the south, in Kuta, Seminyak, it's very touristy and busy. Common sense and caution with your belongings there is the same as in any other tourist urban area in the world.



How much should I budget for shopping?

Bali is one of the most affordable places in the world. Bright colourful original crafts, fabrics, jewelry and art can be found for $5 - $50. It's the best place to shop for presents for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, or Holiday ideas. Original fashion and yoga wear galore.

It's also where Laila Goddess Feel Good Clothing are hand printed and tailored. So bring a few hundred extra dollars to leave in the Balinese economy.


What should I pack?

You'll get a thorough information package when you register with ideas, tips, packing list, and important travel details. You might budget possible the extra fees to take home a second suitcase full of goodies if you're staying long enough to seriously shop. You can pick up a bag inexpensively at the markets. Some airlines allow 2 bags free of charge on long haul flights.

No matter what you choose, ALWAYS pack 3 days of clothes, underwear & bathing suit in your carry on bag. Just in case checked luggage goes astray.

What's the weather like?

Bali enjoys a lush rainy season from November to March, so we're near the end of the rainy season. Lovely warm rain will fall for an hour or so mostly in the afternoon, sometimes with thunderstorms, sometimes all night.

The rain is a welcome cooling agent in the average temp of 28-32C or 86 - 94F. It also makes everything incredibly alive pulsing with a green you can almost hear. Umbrellas are available for guests at most hotels.

How long is the flight?

Depending on where you're coming from, it's about 14 hours from Europe, 20 hours from North America. You can make it easier by stopping on the west coast before crossing the Pacific. Laila sometimes overnights in Hong Kong to split up the journey, enjoy a shower, be alone and really rest before the last 5 hour leg to Denpasar.

As a seasoned solo world traveler Laila has written a very thorough article on how to approach your travel preparation to reduce stress including what to bring with you onboard so you can enjoy your long flight.


How much does the flight cost?

The great news is you don't have to buy this flight too early. October has traditionally been a great time for deals to Bali, found on discount flight sites and directly on airline sites. Laila departs from Toronto on a direct flight to Hong Kong or Taipei, then another shorter flight south to Bali and has paid as little as $1,460 CAD. EVA Air often has amazing deals and is Laila's favourite at this time.

Clients from the US west coast wanting the best price can find deals as low as $795US. It's really up to you what's important and what it's worth to take longer with more stopovers.

Do not delay booking your flight if you choose to travel with points. Many people from around the world take holiday on the island.

No matter what you choose, ALWAYS pack 3 days of clothes, underwear& bathing suit in your carry on bag. Just in case luggage goes astray.


Why is the workshop fee non-refundable?

This retreat is all about deep personal growth and life improvement through the exploration of unconscious life patterns.

A successful retreat experience requires the mutual commitment from the facilitator and each participant. This creates common intention and integrity to show up fully for the program.

A non-refundable workshop fee policy encourages grounded, conscious decision making.

Expenses and resources are invested on your behalf a year in advance of the actual workshop dates.

Remember: You receive private self-discovery session credits if you can't participate in the workshop in Bali.

You DO NOT LOSE your investment in your personal growth. Win win.

In the case that we cancel the retreat, you get a full refund.


Why do I have to register with someone else to save?

Promotion of an international retreat takes more time and resources than you can imagine, unless you've taken on this kind of challenge.

After years of experimenting with marketing, Laila now prefers to invest by reducing workshop fees for participants who register with a friend or group of friends.

It's your reward for helping to get the word out successfully.


Why isn't the workshop scheduled to run all day?

The greatest challenge most people face is not knowing how to BE in their lives.

Our workshop itinerary is expertly designed and time over time proven to deliver the highest benefit to your healing path.

BEING requires space and time.

It helps when you are in a gorgeous place, especially by the sea.

Workshop hours are intensive. The creative exercises go deeply to inspire your awareness.

These insights need time to process, integrate, and align with.

And as you enjoy your daily spa session, yoga class, cultural class, a swim, some journaling and independent workshop exercises, you'll be so glad to have time to BE in BALI!



Is alcohol allowed on this retreat?

Yes, you are welcome to enjoy beverages of your choice. The dining room has a wine list and cocktails that can be sipped poolside while the sun sets, with dinner, whatever feels appropriate.

Just remember to drink responsibly, and never go into the sea or pool under the influence of alcohol.

You want to be fresh each morning to receive the full return on your retreat investment.

If you don't drink alcohol, there is a long yummy list of healthy concoctions that are included in your resort package, as well as specialty coffee.


Can I bring my partner?

The most important thing to decide is how to best use your time on the retreat, to be totally available for yourself and your self-discovery. If your partner is open to personal growth, by all means, join in the fun and both of you are welcome to register for the retreat.

If your companion does not want to participate in the retreat, independent activities like tours and hikes can be arranged with the resort for your companion to enjoy while you participate in the workshops. There will be plenty of free time to spend together after the workshop ends each day.


I really really really want to come. Are there special offers and Is there flexibility in the payment schedule?

YES, and YES. Subscribe to our newsletter for amazing savings offered throughout the year.

Laila appreciates installment plan preference for some participants.

That's why the resort fees are separate from the workshop fees. You can pay the resort fees in the new year and directly to the travel agent when you reserve your room.

Also, you can pay your workshop fee in 2 equal monthly installments. Just have a look at the registration page for details.

Hopefully that will help make your Bali dreams come true!

Say out loud three times: I AM WORTH IT!!




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