" Laila's thoughtful planning and attention to detail brought a dimension to my Balinese experience that I wouldn't have been able to find myself in such a brief visit. Doing the deep therapeutic work against the Bali backdrop was magical."

" I cleared and faced new and old issues. Found serenity, peace, calm and openness. Received clarity about self and direction of path."

"The process really helped me identify issues and gain clarity. The tools learned will serve me for the rest of my life."

" I traveled nearly half way round the world and there I found a part of me who had been hiding for a quarter of a century. My deepest thanks to Laila and the group."

" A lot of what the other participants shared also resonated with me... It was interesting to see the subconscious messages in my creative expression."

" A wonderful retreat with comfortable, relaxing accommodations and tasty nutritious food. Excellent suggestions for pre-retreat stays and outings. I got to experience things I would never have come across in Bali- prayers in the family temple, blessings with the High Priest, walking in the rice paddy fields, discovering Gaia-Oasis...the list goes on."

" I will incorporate my awareness of stillness into my daily life and way of being and living."

" The most valuable insight is I now know- really know- that I don't have to carry my worries alone. It's important to share, and I can now share."

" Thank you very much Laila for the amazing experience and for taking such good care of us. You have created a miracle in Bali."

 Gaia Oasis view of North Bali sea

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