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In the clients own words:

What was the most valuable insight/tool you received on this retreat?

"Insight into what was causing my horrific physical pain which was alleviated."


How was it beneficial exploring and expressing your self with creative materials?

"It revealed things about myself that I was not conscious of and that I didn't admit to myself."


What stands out as helpful from the discussions of your creations?

"Explaining what my heart meant when I thought I had drawn the picture with my brain."


How will you make use of the insights you discovered on this retreat?

"I will carry the lesson that everything is not hard and I can allow people to help me and not worry about being disappointed. Life does not have to be uphill."


What were your expectations for this retreat experience?

"I had no expectations- rather a hope for some healing."


Were your expectations met?

"My expectations/hope was exceeded."

Update April 1, 2010. This client has reported she is still enjoying a pain free life!

Renewed hope along with reclaimed self-empowerment translated into action back home after the retreat. A reinvented life followed: immediate shifts within her job environment, a comfortable new car and eyeglass replacing eye surgery!

Update summer 2011 A short year later this client dared to volunteer for an early retirement package, begin retraining in another field, sell her home upon graduation and relocate across the country to live near beloved family. She remains pain free to this day.

UPDATE 2015 Happy to report that many years have been spent now with ease of motion, living her dream of freedom and joy exactly as she chooses.


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Laila Ghattas is an artist, Gestalt therapist and Reiki practitioner. She is an author, public speaker and the founder of Aziza Healing Adventures. Laila combines creative self-expression with psychotherapy in programs designed to heighten awareness, inspire personal insight and improve the life of those who participate. She holds therapeutic workshops in Toronto, and draws on her worldwide outdoor adventure experience to facilitate international healing retreats for women, couples, mixed groups and corporations. Photo by Mark Trusz
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