Thirteen Moons Women's Wellness Retreat Centre

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Thirteen Moons Culinary Retreat For Women, Norwood, Ontario, Canada

A Summer Sampler from our Women's Retreats

Meals are lovingly created to suit all special dietary needs, including food allergies and celiac considerations.

A Quinoa salad combined with sauteed home grown kale, toasted pumpkin seeds and pine nuts, on romaine lettuce drizzled with sweet balsamic vinaigrette.
Roasted sweet potato, peppers and sauteed onion, goat feta on spelt bun with a side of tangy beet salad sprinkled with parmesan cheese.
Fresh strawberries, banana and mango with a sprig of peppermint fruit salad precede a hearty hot grain cereal medley of teff and quinoa, toasted nuts and maple syrup, wholesome bread and homemade jams.

Creamy and thick avocado, sweet corn and almond milk cold soup with a sprig of parsley, hint of heat, escorted by whole grain and rice crackers.
Mid Eastern standard of Falafel made from chick peas flour and spices, lightly fried, piled on cucumber slivers surrounded by a chunky chick pea, tomato, garlic salad, with tzatziki or tahini dipping sauce.
A summer favourite of chilly watermelon Gazpacho soup, hint of spice for heat, mint to refresh, colour to remember.
Classic side dish of roasted fresh green beans, with zucchini, yellow, black and red heritage tomatoes lightly dressed with olive oil and lemon.
Silken chocolate dessert made with pureed almond tofu, melted chocolate and topped with candied pecans. Yes, it's in the cookbook!


120 delicious dishes are found in Louise Racine's Thirteen Moons Cookbook. Click here to order yours! $29.95 plus shipping. GST included.

Click here to read the FOREWORD written by Retreat facilitator Laila Ghattas on how these meals support the healing process.

Click here for Love Soup, and here for Orange Chocolate Rapture, sample recipes created by Laila Ghattas included in the book.

Click here for details on Aziza's Monthly Women's Wellness Retreats at Thirteen Moons