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Transform Your Inner Critic





Kindness is something you naturally offer to others.

Friends, family, even strangers are worthy recipients of your sensitivity and courtesy.

Being nice, thoughtful, generous, these are all traits you willingly afford to those around you.

It feels so good!


But have you noticed that you are last on your list to receive your own patience and understanding?

Self-compassion and acceptance just aren’t as readily available for yourself in any given situation.

Hear that nagging voice in your head?

The mean critic that is always ready with a negative remark about any little thing you do or say...

The one that withholds approval in the mirror, zeroing in on any perceived flaw...

Did you know there's a way to soothe that relentless tyrant?

Would you like to discover what self-love can look and feel and sound like?

There's a whole other way of being waiting for you.

Self-directed kindness beckons with a stretched out hand...


When you adopt gentler inner dialogue, the world literally becomes a better place.

While you experience the resulting deeper self-esteem you also model a priceless skill to others.

When you feel good about yourself your confidence grows on solid ground and is reflected in your work performance and attitude.


Self-sabotaging behaviour fades in the light of your investment in caring about yourself .

Practicing self-directed patience and empathy enables these same gifts to be more genuinely available for you to afford colleagues and family.

You’ll naturally prefer to exercise healthy boundaries while creating supportive collaborative environments.



Words have power.

Words have energy. They have consequences.

You'll be shocked at how much you don't even notice you're putting yourself down anymore.

You can develop awareness that leads you out of this bad habit.

Inform and correct the distorted beliefs that fuel your judgments.


You in beautiful gentle lovely Bali.

Learning to love yourself through kindness.

Experiencing soothing relief from this emotional storm.

Gaining appreciation for what is absolutely fine about you.

Exploring what 'good enough' looks like.

Understanding that self-acceptance is the road to LOVE.

Nurturing the most important relationship of your life.



You want to feel better in your own skin.

You are willing to get real about your relentless negative self talk.

You really want to LOVE yourself, or at least begin that journey.

You desire space and time to focus ONLY on you and your process.

You are willing to invest in your emotional health.

You have the courage to travel and have an adventure.

You are ready to be supported with pampering spa, yoga, great food.

You deeply desire the healing inherent in a gorgeous natural setting.

You want to provide a healthy role model of self-acceptance to the young people in your life, regardless of your parental status.

You want to FEEL GOOD more often, for longer periods.

You are open to new cultures and people.



You just want a spa vacation in Bali

You are not ready to invest in your healing journey

You don't want to explore your emotional life

You don't want to learn how to BE in the moment

You find no value in strengthening your self-love

You are not ready to stop being mean to yourself




Laila Ghattas is an artist, Gestalt therapist and Reiki practitioner.

She is a writer, public speaker, group facilitator and the founder of Aziza Healing Adventures and Laila Goddess EveryWear.

Laila has spent decades helping people become more self-confident, compassionate and aware. She has 26 years experience in the Healing Arts.

Laila has supported thousands of seekers on their personal growth journey.

Laila Ghattas holds a B.F.A., B. Ed, Gestalt Therapy undergrad and post grad Certificates, Expressive Art Certificate, Usui Reiki degrees one and two.

Since 2004 Laila has been offering Holistic Healing in Bali..

Each winter Laila immerses herself in the spiritual tapestry of Balinese Hinduism. The wisdom and insight gleaned from ancient traditions is infused into all her work.

" I traveled nearly half way round the world and there I found a part of me who had been hiding for a quarter of a century. My deepest thanks to Laila and the group." BALI Retreat Participant



For over a decade I had my clothes tailored for me in Bali while I was there offering personal growth retreats. As mid life and menopause brought about changes to my body shape, I adjusted styles.

For most of my adult life I was haunted by feelings of FRUMPY.

Having my clothes made for me solved the problem of fit. I started to feel good as I developed my own style of expression, realizing my esteem and body image was healing. Although not a small woman, I felt attractive.

My frumpy blues left the building along with my ill fitting wardrobe.

I launched Laila Goddess EveryWear in 2014 to help mature women feel better in their clothes, hoping these garments would lead women to feeling more comfortable in their own skin, like I did.

It was a highly creative way to evolve my healing vocation.

What I was not prepared for in my showroom was the non stop self-deprecating remarks women made.

I ended up coaching them each and every time, offering gentler language to use when referring to themselves and their body parts.

Regardless of age, social, financial or marital status, no matter what size, weight, or height - whoever came to try on my collection arrived puting herself down with words that made her miserable and self conscious.

Something needed to be done to alleviate this chronic universal condition that was eroding self-esteem at epidemic speed.



Laila Ghattas



Here is an alternative paradigm for you to move into self acceptance NOW.

To be OK with yourself NOW.

It’s what I’ve learned to do no matter the number associated with age, weight, tummy rolls or thinning hair.

To accept who I am, cherries pits and all.

Believe me it’s the best feeling to be embracing rather than resisting where I stand and how I look.

It’s actually working. Women who have participated in my programs are seeing signs of self-esteem sprouting.

Self love is blossoming.

It’s your lens that needs changing, your perspective, your expectations.

You are actually just fine and fabulous just as you are.

I’m here ready and willing with a lifetime of personal, and decades of professional experience on the road that leads to abiding self-love.

Please consider my invitation to come to Bali, and accept a helping hand to feel good about your self.

Everyone in your life will thank you for it when you return renewed.



Feel free to arrive prior to retreat start date and settle into Bali time.The resort can arrange your airport pick up if desired.

Daily Spa treatments are included with soothing organic ingredients to provide a blissful wellness experience.

Free time before and after scheduled workshop hours can be spent on optional resort activities including yoga.

These include cultural instruction, use of the workout room. There's complimentary WiFi in the opulent lobby.

You can also swim, snorkel, journal, nap, read, socialize and arrange outings and tours of interest.



North east on the Bali Sea where sunrise greets you each morning arrive at a quiet, secluded, award winning luxury Spa Boutique Resort

Stunning bamboo lined driveway leads to an opulent marble reception area overlooking sprawling lawns, gardens, pool and sea.

Draped cabanas hug the spacious seaside pool surrounded by luxurious lounge chairs. Open air seaside dining room boasts chef inspired cuisine.

Elegance is all around. Every detail has been thoughtfully and tastefully appointed to ensure a stay like no other.

"What a beautiful resort ! We've had the most wonderfully relaxing time and the spa treatments were amazing. Only wish we could stay longer."
- Keira Knightley (actress)

" In regards to the physical aspect adding insight and self-knowledge, the resort and environment was amazing! Extremely peaceful!" BALI Retreat participant





Gorgeous healthy dishes are freshly prepared daily by the chef.

Three courses per meal are splendidly laid out in the dining room overlooking the sea

Organic vegetables and fruit whenever possible stimulate your taste buds


Perfectly prepared freshly caught seafood.

Sauces to swoon over.

Desserts to remember, and maybe share...

" The dairy free options made my gastronomic experience outstanding." BALI Retreat participant



Then please contact us to discuss making your dream come true.






" It was the perfect combination of growth, wellness, rest and just being. Laila's openness and the Bali environment offered a safe place to find my true self. A gift I will treasure for the rest of my amazing life!"

"If you are hesitating- don't. You won't regret this life correcting investment!"

" The retreat was the perfect place and way for me to experience a rite of passage for my 50th birthday".
"The guided meditation brought an increased awareness of my surroundings and living in the moment. Appealing to my feminine side."

"I will make better decisions by tuning into what I know I want. I will be stronger and more grounded in my truth."

" My expectation for insight into myself and how it impacts my relationship was met and more!"




transforming your inner critic




  • Become familiar with how prevalent your negative self talk is
  • Understand your real message to yourself behind those words
  • Recognize how you learned this unhealthy way of being
  • Discover the beliefs that have nothing to do with the REAL you
  • Explore alternative language that restores self-esteem
  • Embrace the real priorities in your life outside of this habit
  • Gain insight into your habitual comparing to others
  • Strengthen your self-worth through appreciation exercises
  • Play with creative materials that unveil messages from your soul
  • Uncover what your HEART believes about yourself
  • Feel what it is to be totally PRESENT in your body
  • Journey into LOVE itself through guided meditations
  • Connect to your senses in our beautiful Bali coastline natural setting
  • Journal your inner thoughts
  • Discover your self through independent workbook exercises
  • Integrate a more aligned relationship with yourself
  • Leave with a solid grounding that supports you at home
  • Experience inner confidence as you return to your everyday life



Outdoor yoga classes are available for you to join each day

Yoga mat and expert instruction are provided, with pool and Bali sea view!



Surrender to a delicious 50 minute spa treatment each day

Choose from traditional Balinese massage, facial, pedicure, coconut hair treatment, luxury scrub, foot massage...


Daily creative cultural classes are complimentary.

Learn how to make traditional offering baskets as well as other Bali specialties.


Live Gamelan Orchestra and Balinese Dancing will be performed for us in the luxurious marble reception hall.

You'll have photo opportunities and a change to dance and make music with the performers.



The Bali night sky is magical. Take a starry journey as you float on a cozy mattress in the infinity pool, under the palm trees, gazing at the Universe sparkling above you.

An unforgettable experience and available each night weather permitting!



You can choose a registration package that includes private one on one sessions with workshop facilitator and Gestalt therapist, Laila Ghattas.

This time can be used to go more deeply and privately into your workshop insights.

Sessions support your self discovery process in a unique customized way that focuses only on your priorities.

You can also choose to use this time for Usui Reiki with Laila, who has been a Reiki practitioner since 1988.

"Lots of value from my private Reiki session. Seeing an event in my life and the actual impact it had. And the desperate need to nurture and care for my younger self."